Training Needs

The Inspire Change Training Needs survey is your chance to tell us what you need to become a more successful Healthcare Professional.

Where are you based?
What is your Speciality?

So that we can continue to develop exciting and innovative workshops that meet your needs, please tell us from the list below which 5 workshops would be most helpful to you:

Presentation Skills

You will learn the key rules for presenting to an audience. You will also learn about audience interaction, especially in the Q&A session.

Podcasting for Professionals

This workshop aims to help you create podcasts that are creative, memorable, and delivered with the needs of the audience in mind.

Learning to Lead

You will uncover what motivates and demotivates team members, and how to lead people in Multi-Disciplinary Teams.

Chairing National and International Meetings

You will learn essential chairmanship skills, how to handle time pressures, noisy audiences, poor presenters and how to take charge if there is a problem.

Negotiating and Influencing Skills

You will learn how to achieve win‐win negotiations, and how to be able to deliver effective service development.

Problem Solving

Dealing with Challenging Situations – You will learn how to manage effectively in the face of targets, budgetary demands and time restraints.

Innovating in Practice

You will learn how to manage stakeholders and their expectations, lead meetings and work effectively in Multi-Disciplinary Teams.

Motivating and Getting the Most Out of People

You will learn how teamwork develops, how it fails and how to get the most out of a successful team.

Creating an Effective Business Case

You will learn how to construct an effective Business Case so you can apply for funds, resources or new people.

Making Meetings Work

You will learn how to run effective meetings that deliver results, keep to time and deal with difficult team members.

Time Management

You will learn how to plan for the unexpected tasks that come your way and improve your work management.

Business Planning in the NHS

You will learn how to construct an effective Business Plan, in order to help you deliver a more effective and efficient service for your patients and stakeholders.

Team Building

You will be shown how to work with a new team and make an existing team even more effective.

You have worked in many teams in your career.

In your experience, which 3 things make a successful team?

 Learning from Mistakes

 Clear Goals and Direction

 Good Feedback

 Effective Communication

 Role Clarity

 Sharing Success


 Being Open